The Ultimate Workout, the Yogic Way.

Angamardana is a powerful set of practices rooted in Yoga that helps in strengthening the spine, increasing fitness and tenacity and making the body very flexible and light.


You do not need any fitness equipment or a gym. All you need is a 6X6 space. You use your own body to do floor exercises and build up the fitness.

It improves blood circulation, strengthens the muscular, skeletal and nervous system of the body and prepares you to use your body the way wish - whether you want to run up a mountain or simply sit in meditation. 

More Information:

The Anatomy of Angamardana

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Regular practice of Angamardana brings several benefits:


  • Strengthens the spine and skeletal system

  • Builds fitness and tenacity

  • Increases flexibility and strength

  • Takes years off the body, leaving you feel light and energetic throughout the day.




  • No previous experience with yoga is required.

  • Aynone over 14 years of age can learn this practice.

"Learning Angamardhana with Srividhya was one of the best experiences I have ever had. She is most pleasant, most knowledgeable, and a true master of her teachings. She is punctual, direct, patient, and has tricks to make complexities simple. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in learning something that Srividhya offers, to take the opportunity and not miss it. Words cannot express my gratitude and I truly feel it was an honor and a privilege to say I was able to learn from her. Don't miss your chance. Thank you again, Srividhya." - Avery Winter