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Yogavaram is for health, well being and inner transformation.


Yogavaram,  The 'boon of Yoga'.  

Available to anyone seeking complete wellbeing, Yogavaram offers ancient yoga practices rooted in classical Hatha Yoga - a system that uses the body to elevate consciousness.

Explore the secrets of yogis from India.

Soak in an atmosphere of utmost commitment and sanctity. Reap the benefits of a body and mind that is balanced, stable and perceptive.



Certified by India's premier Yoga destination


Introduces yoga through simple postures and offers a unique possibility for every child to achieve their full potential. Offered as 60 minute sessions over 5 days, it includes Kriya, Pranayam, exercises for the joints & healthy eating.

Children's Yoga


A full-body yogic workout to gain strength, flexibility and lose years off the body. Strengthen your spine, exercise every joint. Ditch the gym and get your own workout at home!   Ages 8+


Offered on demand, EAGAN

Yogasanas are a set of powerful postures through which one can elevate one’s consciousness and manipulate energies. It is a way of aligning in the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry. Ages 14 +


June 27-28, Eagan

A powerful 21-step process that is considered the parent form of Surya Namaskar. It is a holistic process for bringing balance in the body  and mind, particularly for hormonal imbalances.  Ages 14+

Surya Kriya

Offered on demand, EAGAN


"I was looking for a Classical Yoga practice which contains both physical and spiritual elements.  Yogasanas taught at Yogavaram exceeded my expectations. The teacher showed such dedication and attention to detail. The precise methodology inspired confidence that I was learning authentic Yoga in its original form. Since starting the practice I feel younger and have greater flexibility. Yet beyond those physical benefits, something powerful and mysterious is contained within Yogasanas. After the practice one morning, suddenly, and without any apparent cause, I sat down and unleashed a torrent of emotion. The sounds of anguish and tears came up from so deep within and poured out for 45 minutes. When it was over I felt an incredible calm. I marveled that something burdensome, of which I was totally unconscious, had vanished.  This practice has enhanced my life tremendously. It feels like the start of a big adventure. I am so grateful to Yogavaram." 

- Matt Kendall

Before taking up Surya Kriya, I was suffering with leg stiffness, discomfort and pain at times. I had a menisectomy surgery and lost most of my meniscus in my legs. I was diagnosed with early stages of arthritis by doctors here in US. I've been doing Surya Kriya for over 3 months now. There has been tremendous change in my legs. The stiffness and discomfort are gone. I am more flexible than before. My legs feel much better than before. I am thankful to Sadhguru for all this and Yogavaram for transmitting such powerful practice and making it available for all of us.

- Shiva

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